The Triad Fidget Spinner by Fidgetbrand, Rose Gold/Copper

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  • EXTREMELY LONG, FAST AND ULTRA QUIET SPINS incorporating the latest technology to make it spin for what feels forever (over 5 minutes) in almost total silence.
  • PRECISION INSTRUMENT rigorously tested and computer balanced, every Triad Premium Fidget Spinner is fitted with our proprietary low friction superior bearing accurately centered around the rotational axis for optimal torque-to-weight ratio, providing impressive high speed spin times whilst maintaining an ultra silent operation.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN PACKED WITH ERGONOMIC AND USABILITY FEATURES, The Triad Premium Fidget Spinner includes concave buttons for effortless natural finger grip and adherence as well as a great size to fit easily in your pocket .
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, BUILT TO LAST with solid and high quality durable solid metals providing a degree of elegance, fit and finish you will instantly feel the moment you hold The Triad Premium Fidget Spinner in your hands. Available in a range of colors and premium high quality solid metals: Gold (Brass), Rose Gold (Copper), Silver (Stainless Steel) and Black (Colored Stainless Steel).
  • THE PERFECT PRESENT for you and your loved ones, The Triad Premium Fidget Spinner comes with our Fidgetbrand Premium Collection packaging. The ultra silent spinning makes it suitable for use anywhere you like: classroom, home or office helping to boost concentration and improve focus, being very effective calming stress, hyperactivity, ADHD and anxiety.

The Fidgetbrand Triad Spinner, from our Premium Collection, represents a complete revolution in the way spinners are made. No compromise has been made in the construction of this iconic design providing the Longest Spinning Time, Ultra Silent Spinning and the Strongest Construction in pure solid metals: Stainless Steel, Brass or Copper.

It incorporates the latest spinning improvements and technologies, the most stylish design and an exhaustively tested user experience.

Stylish, trendy, and unique, the Fidgetbrand Triad Spinner will help you reduce your anxiety and stress or curb your unwanted habits. Hold the spinner on one hand and be ready to play in style.


The Fidgetbrand Triad Spinner has been tested spinning for 5 minutes, 3+ minutes guaranteed. 100% compact solid high quality metals: stainless steel, brass or copper. Premium ultra high speed proprietary optimum bearings providing low- friction and a strong, smooth and pulling sensation that will make you enjoy relaxing and satisfying moments of pleasure.

Companion on the go

Easy and safe to carry and travel with you wherever you go! Sleeps inside a fashion premium metal box and easy to put into your pockets. Use it at home, at work, at school or anywhere you like! You decide when, where and how!

So much more than a spinner

Fidgetbrand Triad Spinner helps you stay focused and connected as well as reduces your anxiety and stress freeing up your mind and allowing you to concentrate on what really is important. The best gift for yourself and your loved ones. No matter the age and no matter the reason... KEEP PLAYING


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